Hazel McIntyre is a born storyteller and her six compelling books are proof of that seemingly effortless talent. Hazel McIntyre has used the wild and beautiful landscape of her native Culdaff in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland as the backdrop for her books. Hazel McIntyre has launched her sixth book in December 2003 entitled Bourne on The Wind which looks back once more at her Culdaff, Donegal childhood.

In this, her sixth book, Hazel McIntyre lets us into her heart and mind; what is so extraordinary is the care with which Hazel McIntyre tells the story of the people and events she admires and respects. A historical novelist is a unique kind of patriot: a believer in the Irish way of life who loves it so much that she can talk of the very best and the very worst of our past. In this book, Hazel lets us into the Inishowen of the 1820ths and 30ths through the eyes of her ancestors. It shows us her love of the land, and most of all, her love of the people, all of the people, who have shaped our Island of Ireland over the centuries. - Here is a rich, carefully researched, panoramic novel of the history of a people, magnificently executed, by a storyteller whose masterpiece this book unquestionably is.  J.H.

Hazel's first work of fiction For Love of Mary Kate was serialise by Ireland's best selling woman's magazine Woman's Way as their choice for the Millennium series as 'the most compelling read'.

Hazel's novel Secrets On The Breeze the second volume in Hazel McIntyre's acclaimed rural trilogy, following on from 'For love of Mary Kate' is an outstanding storytelling achievement packed with intriguing characters which holds the attention to the very end. In Hazel McIntyre's writings, landscape and language are inter entwined. The local becomes the universal without boundaries or walls. In Hazel's hands the characters become as familiar as the Donegal landscape they inhabit.

Hazel McIntyre's writings bring to life the beauty, magic and rich history of Ireland. Her work brings a reality to a vivid and unforgettable gallery of colourful characters which have universal appeal.

Hazel's ties with Canada is a source of great pride to her and the Canadian influence is also reflected in her writings. She works tirelessly to promote Ireland's links with Canada.More...

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