For Love of Mary Kate

The Real Story

A compelling saga of love and courage spanning three generations Born illegitimate  in a convent in 1920's rural Ireland, her mother banished to new York to save the family name, little Mary Kate Quinn's future seems bleak. To keep a hastily made promise to her daughter, Sara Quinn rescues her granddaughter  from the fate of the orphanage.Driven to seek refuge in the rambling old house of her former employer Sara begins a new life. With patience and love  Sara and Mary Kate transform the lives of its inhabitants.Meanwhile Maura Quinn has become a nanny in New York. She falls in love with Andrew, and  rather than reveal the past she returns home to be reunited with her daughter. Back in Ireland Maura is torn between her child and the man she left in  New York..

Beyond The Fog

Hazel McIntyre is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work Beyond The Fog. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.


Her First novel ‘For Love of Mary Kate’ set in Donegal and New York was launched in her native village of Culdaff. Described as a "compelling saga of love and courage spanning three generations," it is one of those books that cannot be put down. The following are a few of the early reactions from reviewers and readers.The story evolves around Mary Kate, how she is rescued from the nunnery.   

 The reactions of the people who impinge on her life are lovingly told,together with the interaction of those involved."This is a simple tale. It is also very moving very powerful, very compelling".
Paul Cormacian - News Letter. December 1996 It’s a story of love and hate and a heart-warming story of life in 1920s Donegal a book you can’t put down until it's finished.

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