Hazen McIntyre has wrote seven books in total

Iorn wheels on rocky lanes

Review by Jean Mullholland
Great read; funny, sad and a wonderful trip down memory lane. This book is a wonderful social history that I have enjoyed emmencly...

For the love of Mary Kate

Review by Lorrie

I couldn't put this book down! It was such an all-encompassing immersion into Irish life. It was set in a place that is dear to me, and so thought provoking, I thought about the story long after I finished the book. There was such a full range of human emotion that Hazel brings to life. I would highly recommend this book!

Lament in the wind

Review by Katie
What an amazing story. I've always wondered about the famine and what my ancestors endured. I've read about the work houses but Hazel McIntyre so skillfully brings history to life. I would highly recommend Lament in the Wind! It is a wonderful novel.

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