Lament in the Wind

With a keen ear for the rolling echoes of history, Hazel McIntyre brings to life  a vivid  and unforgettable gallery of colorful characters. When career woman Mary Thompson is entrusted with the diaries of cassie O Connor, she  is driven to tell her story. Cassie's story begins with her early childhood in an Ireland of famine, eviction and emigration. Following her father's death Cassie and her mother are forced to seek shelter in the workhouse rife with fever and death. Marcia Briggs,  daughter of the local clergyman rescues them.They begin a new life at the  rectory, were Cassie acts as unpaid servant to "the Madam" who  despises her. Feeling rejected by a mother who hardly seems to notice her  existence, she learns more and more on Marcia for the affection she craves.Out  of the time of turmoil, confusion and exile on a famine ship to Canada, emerges a love story told with intense and sympathetic realism -'Lament  in the Wind' with live long in the memory of the reader.

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