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Hazel McIntyre was born and grew up on the Inishowen peninsula of Co. Donegal in Ireland. The fourth of five children born to Robert and Marie McIntyre and raised at the family farm near Culdaff village. Hazel was schooled withinin her local community but studied at Nurses Training College in London where she met and married her London bred husband Charles. In 1977 they moved back to Ireland with their children. School days feature in a lot in Hazel’s early writings and being the only Protestant at Ballyharry primary school gave her much food for thought in later life. Hazel’s mother was French Canadian and her stories and memories of growing up in Winnipeg made the family ties with Canada very real. Letters, photographs and gifts on birthdays kept the family bonds with the Canadian side of their heritage, while Hazel’s writings kept the heritage of both nations firmly in the minds of their citizens all over the world, perhaps most notably in ‘Lament on The Wind’  her tribute to the victims of the Irish famine.


Lament in the wind



"What an amazing story. I've always wondered about the famine and what my ancestors endured. I've read about the work houses but Hazel McIntyre so skillfully brings history to life. I would highly recommend Lament in the Wind! It is a wonderful novel"-

Lorrie- USA

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